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Banana Fun USA to Russia Calling Card

Call Russia from USA. With a 5 minute rounding, low maintenance and connection fees, the Banana Fun Phone Card is recommended for long conversations with your friends and family overseas. If you know you'll be on the phone for a while, this phone card will work best for you!

ONLY 0.9¢/min

Banana Fun


Call from USA to: Rate Connection Fee $10 $20 $30 $50
Russia 0.9¢ $0.79 1020 min 2130 min 3245 min 5465 min
Russia - Cell 1.9¢ $1.29 455 min 980 min 1510 min 2560 min
Russia - Moscow 0.9¢ $0.79 1020 min 2130 min 3245 min 5465 min
Russia - St. Petersburg 0.9¢ $0.79 1020 min 2130 min 3245 min 5465 min
Plan Details
Denomination $10 , $20 , $30 , $50
Rounding: 5 min
Weekly Fee: $1.13
Fees and Surcharges: retail.product.BANANA-FUN.feesAndSurcharges
Domestic Rate: 0.4 ¢/min
Toll free surcharge: 1¢/min
Payphone Surcharge: up to 0.99$
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*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 1 866 205 8257 for details
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This card has pc2phone
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