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Banana Split USA to Kenya Calling Card

Call Kenya from USA. A great option for talkative people is the Banana Split phone card that will certainly get you talking. With the low weekly maintenance fee and 8 minute rounding, you can call all your friends and family and see how they're doing.

ONLY 13.4¢/min

Banana Split


Call from USA to: Rate Connection Fee $10 $20 $30 $50
Kenya 13.4¢ None 72 min 144 min 216 min 368 min
Kenya - Cell 9.4¢ None 104 min 208 min 312 min 528 min
Kenya - Nairobi 13.4¢ None 72 min 144 min 216 min 368 min
Plan Details
Denomination $10 , $20 , $30 , $50
Rounding: 8 min
Weekly Fee: $1.49
Fees and Surcharges: retail.product.BANANA-SPLIT.feesAndSurcharges
Domestic Rate: 0.7 ¢/min
Toll free surcharge: 1¢/min
Payphone Surcharge: up to 0.99$
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*May apply on some calls. Please call Customer Service at 1 866 205 8257 for details
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This card has pc2phone
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