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" Hey guys, I'm writing to thank you for helping me. I had some questions about my calling card, and your customer support department was so nice to explain it all to me. So, a big thank you, and I'm really happy I found your site! Now I can call my parents with your calling card plan sooo much cheaper!" (Ana P., Jacksonville, Florida)

How to choose the right Calling Card

As you might have noticed, the telecommunication industry has been booming for the last several years. It's a steadily growing business, expanding at a rate of 10% a year. It all started in 1995, when a couple of amateurs developed software for sending voice data packets over the Internet. Over the years, the new technology called Voice Over IP has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service.

If you're not born in the U.S. or have family abroad, what is the best way to keep in touch without excessive bills? Many of your friends probably found out that a prepaid calling card is the best option. Calling overseas is not usually cheaper, but there has to be a better, less expensive way to communicate. While monthly phone plans require a contract and a promise of several payments, the prepaid phones cards give you the freedom to choose. Using prepaid calling cards means that you don’t have to worry anymore about the costs on your phone bill.

The main reason these cards are much cheaper than your regular phone service provider is because the calls are no longer routed through a normal phone network. Major companies have built their own networks to significantly lower the costs for their customers. Even though a few years ago, it might have seemed incredible, dozens of destinations around the world are now available at merely a few cents per minute.

Prepaid cards are available on the internet, only one click away. You can compare rates and features and safely make a purchase. The card is delivered almost instantly and you can use it right away. Still, you need to shop around wisely on such a volatile market. Take your time and check all the details of the product in order to make an informed decision.

Like buying a piece of clothing or a new pair of shoes, you want to look for the card that fits you best. You must consider your calling pattern before getting a calling card. For a person that makes frequent short calls, getting a card without a maintenance or a connection fee would be best. For someone who makes longer calls, getting a card with a connection fee will significantly increase the number of minutes. Also examine the cost of the entire call, rather than the rate per minute, to see how you can benefit from a certain rounding. Taking this in consideration, you can make an informed decision from which you can benefit a long time.

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