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Colombia Colombia 0.4
China China 0.4
Ukraine Ukraine 1.8
Pakistan Pakistan 1.7
Italy Italy 0.4
Russia Russia 0.4
Bulgaria Bulgaria 0.4
Germany Germany 0.4
Australia Australia 0.4
Korea South Korea South 0.4
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge
  • Low Worldwide Rateseven if you want to call from/to a mobile phone!
  • Customizable Planschoose the plan that best suits your needs!
  • 24/7 Customer Servicewe're always here to help you!
  • Secure Online Shoppingguaranteed by a valid SSL certification!
  • Great Connectivityeven if you call to the other side of the globe!
  • Pinless Dialingcalling internationally has never been easier!
  • Automatic Rechargeso you never run out of credit in the middle of a phone call!
  • Speed Dialsave the numbers you call most!
  • Hot DialConnect to the numbers you call most often dialing only an associated access number!

USA Calling Cards

You have friends or family in USA? BananaCall offers you USA calling cards at low rates and excellent connection quality! You will enjoy the same fine quality at any time, no matter what calling card you choose.

Please be advised that the rates advertised are applied for calling to both landlines and cellular phones.

USA Calling Cards with the Lowest Rates

Calling Card
Rate Connection
Banana Smile 0.4 $0.99 $1.49 8 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Banana Fun 0.4 $0.79 $1.13 5 min Yes Sign Up More Info

USA Calling Cards with No Connection Fee

Calling Card
Rate Connection
Banana Split 0.6 None $1.49 8 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Banana Cream 0.7 None $1.13 5 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Banana Pie 0.8 None $1.04 3 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Icy Banana 0.9 None None 2 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Sweet Banana 1 None None 1 min Yes Sign Up More Info
Tropical Banana 1.1 None None 1 sec Yes Sign Up More Info

Roaming charges are applied by your phone provider for calling from your cell phone to an access number when outside your country.

Create and customize you plan

  • BananaCall offers tailor-made calling cards and phone cards to suit your calling necessities. Take the time and choose the best phone card for you. If you're not satisfied with the calling cards you see, combine the features and create your own customized calling card plan.
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