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Colombia Colombia 0.4¢
Poland Poland 0.4¢
South Africa South Africa 3.4¢
Philippines Philippines 2.4¢
Pakistan Pakistan 2.4¢
Japan Japan 0.4¢
Israel Israel 0.4¢
Germany Germany 0.4¢
United Kingdom United Kingdom 0.4¢
Peru Peru 0.4¢
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge

What our customers say:

" This is the second time I recharged my calling card and it has been working great the entire time! I'm really pleased with the low calling card rates and I already recommended it to some my friends!" (Chris W., Oakland, California)

Access Numbers for International Calls

You can use your Banana plan from home or work, from your cell phone or even pay phones when you're traveling.

US Local Access Numbers

Get up to 253% more minutes with a Local Access Number. To get the local access number for your US LANDLINE (or a US Mobile phone without free nationwide long distance) please enter your phone number.:

Yes, I have free nationwide calling
No, I don't have free nationwide calling
Yes, I have pinless dialing
No, I don't have pinless dialing

Toll Free Access Numbers

The access numbers are available from the location written in front of them. The Toll Free Numbers have no surcharge, so you will not be charged on your phone bill. You can also use the pinless dialing (ANI recognition) option with some of the numbers.

Country Number Ani Recognition


1 888 802 2626
(1 88880-BANAN)



1 888 869 8146



1 877 686 6235



1 877 796 6235



1 888 802 2626


Banana Call
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