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Mexico Mexico 0.4¢
Korea South Korea South 0.4¢
India India 0.4¢
Peru Peru 0.4¢
Argentina Argentina 0.4¢
Venezuela Venezuela 0.4¢
Romania Romania 0.4¢
Bulgaria Bulgaria 0.4¢
United Kingdom United Kingdom 0.4¢
Israel Israel 0.4¢
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge

What our customers say:

" I purchased a calling card just recently and I was surprised in a good way. Someone called me immediately to confirm my order, the pin was delivered in less than 10 minute, so I could start calling right away. The service is great, the customer support line is excellent and you have the lowest phone card rates I could find. Keep it up guys!" (Mark K., Spring Valley, Nevada)

How Calling Cards Work

Here is how you can use your BananaCall calling card by following these easy steps:

1. Choose the right card for you based on your calling habits. For longer and frequent calls choose a card with a higher rounding and maintenance fee or connection fee, this way you will benefit of a lower rate. For shorter less frequent calls choose a card with a lower rounding and no maintenance or connection fee.

2. After completing the online buying process your order will be confirmed in minutes over the phone by one of our friendly customer service representatives. We do this as BananaCall is actively involved in fraud protection.

3. Check your e-mail with the confirmation for a successful transaction. The e-mail is called "Your BananaCall Order" and you might also want to check your SPAM or junk folder, if it can be found in the Inbox folder.

4. In this e-mail you will receive a PIN (Personal Identification Number) alongside with the information on how to use it.

5. Access the BananaCall system by calling one of our Local Access Numbers (if you use the service from the US-Continental) or a Toll Free Number (if outside US-Continental). The Access Numbers can be found here.

6. Enter the 10 digits PIN number when prompted. You can skip this step if you have registered Pinless Dialing numbers from the online account, "Register More Numbers" section.

7. Enter your destination number when prompted:

    For domestic calls dial 1 + area code + phone number.
    (Example: 1 + 213 + 2268892 for call to California).

    For International Call dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number.
    (Example: 011 + 44 + 20 + 70789134 for a call to London, UK).

Please make sure you DO NOT PRESS CALL or SEND BUTTON on your phone after you enter the destination number. This is to avoid being charged by your cellular provider for the international call.

8. To mange your online account login {0}here{1}. Where you can add numbers for pinless dialing, recharge your account, enable/disable automatic recharge option, view your account history, change your billing profile or refer friends to BananaCall to receive discounts.

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