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Peru Peru 0.4¢
Venezuela Venezuela 0.4¢
Japan Japan 0.4¢
Canada Canada 0.4¢
Poland Poland 0.4¢
Spain Spain 0.4¢
Philippines Philippines 2.4¢
Chile Chile 0.4¢
Argentina Argentina 0.4¢
Colombia Colombia 0.4¢
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge

Calling Features

Our website doesn't offer simple calling cards. When you purchase from BananaCall, you'll enjoy a new international calling experience. Our plans can be customized to suit every customers specific needs. We've added new exciting features to make your phone calls as simple as possible.

    Pinless dialing – You don't need to remember your PIN to make a call. BananaCall saves you time and effort and offers you the Pinless dialing option. You can register up to 6 numbers to be associated with your PIN. Every time you'll want to place a call, you'll only need to dial the access number and your destination.

    Nationwide access – Maybe you are on the road and want to keep in touch with your friends and family. Now you can enjoy BananaCall's low rates and great connection from anywhere within the US! Any Banana plan can be used with our unique access number. Your card can be used from landlines, cell phones or pay phones and still get the guaranteed low rates and excellent connectivity.

    Rechargeable – You don't have to worry about different PIN numbers every time you want to buy more minutes. You can keep a Banana plan for as long as you want. If you are satisfied with the details of your card, simply recharge the same PIN number and keep all the existing benefits. Your plan can be recharged online or over the phone, with us!

    Automatic recharge – Never risk of running out of minutes when you most need to place that very important call. With BananaCall prepaid plans, you can set a recharge amount and every time your balance drops below a certain limit, your card will be automatically recharged. Make sure you'll never run out of minutes wherever you are!

    24/7 Customer Service – If you're traveling or have an active life, you most likely need assistance around the clock. BananaCall is here to help you with a fully staffed call center, available 24/7, 365 days a year. We put our customers first so we aim to provide the best customer service experience around!

    Speed Dial – You don't need to enter the sequence of digits representing the destination number. Save the numbers you call most and, on the phone, when prompted for the destination number just enter the short sequence of keys (from *1 to *9). You may save up to 9 contacts with BananaCall Speed Dial!

    Hot Dial – If you have numbers that you call often and want to connect your calls even faster, you can use the Hot Dial option! This will associate an access number, with your PIN and a destination number. Also, you have to register the number you are calling from for Pinless Dialing (Register More Numbers section in your BananaCall online account). This way, when you use your phone to dial that particular access number your call will be connected. To call other numbers (besides the Hot Dial destination number) you can either dial a different access number, or dial the same access number form a different phone; the rest of the dialing process will be the standard.

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