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Italy Italy 0.4¢
Venezuela Venezuela 0.4¢
Peru Peru 0.4¢
Romania Romania 0.4¢
Korea South Korea South 0.4¢
Colombia Colombia 0.4¢
Germany Germany 0.4¢
Israel Israel 0.4¢
Russia Russia 0.4¢
China China 0.4¢
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge

What our customers say:

" I purchased a calling card just recently and I was surprised in a good way. Someone called me immediately to confirm my order, the pin was delivered in less than 10 minute, so I could start calling right away. The service is great, the customer support line is excellent and you have the lowest phone card rates I could find. Keep it up guys!" (Mark K., Spring Valley, Nevada)

Phone Card Dictionary

  • Access numbers: This is a 10 or 11 digit number that you first have to dial in order to access the system and use your calling card. It usually starts with 1-800, can be used from any type of phone and it carries no surcharges.
  • Automatic recharge: This option allows you to set your plan to recharge automatically every time you drop below a certain limit. By enabling this option, you can make sure you won't be disconnected during a call.
  • Connection fee: The fee applies to your plan every time your call is connected. The connection fee gives a better rate to the customer and is recommended for long calls.
  • CVV: The card verification code is the 3 digit number on the back of your credit card or on the front (if you have an AmEx card). For your security, this code is needed to complete a purchase.
  • Destination number: The number you want to call. If you're dialing in the U.S., you should dial '1' , area code and the number. For international calls, “011”, the country, the city code and the number.
  • Domestic calls: When you call within the U.S., you call domestically. Apart from international calls, every plan on the website has the ability to be used for calling the U.S. at a specified rate.
  • Maintenance fee: This fee is applied weekly from your first call. For cards with maintenance fee, the rates are lower and you'll get the most out of it if you use it in a short amount of time.
  • Payphone surcharge: Most cards have a surcharge when used from payphones. The Banana Call plans have a surcharge of up to 99c per call when used from payphones.
  • Pinless dialing: Once you get your PIN, you can register your phone number so you don't have to dial the PIN every time you want to use your plan. With Banana Call, you can register up to 6 numbers that you never have to dial a PIN from!
  • PIN: Every plan or calling card that you buy has assigned a certain code. This is called a Personal Identification Number and it is used to identify your card.
  • Rechargeable: Every time you add money to your plan, it is recharged and you keep the same PIN. This is really useful because you do not have to change the PIN every time you need more minutes.
  • Rounding/Billing increments: This is the basic unit for the duration of a call. A plan with a higher rounding will give you lower rates, but it is recommended only if you're placing long calls, while if you place short calls more often, you should choose a plan with lower rounding.
  • Speed Dial: You can save the numbers you call most, so that instead of entering the entire destination number you dial just a short sequence of keys, usually from *1 (star-one) to *9 (star-nine). This feature is particularly useful for phone cards users who dial certain numbers on a regular basis, but generally helps everyone to connect easier and faster to any international number.
  • Free trial: This program offers you the chance to make high quality international calls with Bananacall, even before spending a cent! You get 5 or 10 free minutes, depending on the destination of your calls, to check out the quality you will be enjoying by using our products.
  • Hot dial: If you need to connect to the numbers you call most often even faster, use the Hot Dial option. This allows you to associate an access number, with your PIN and a destination number. Also, you have to register the number you are calling from for Pinless Dialing (Register More Numbers section in your BananaCall online account). This way, when you use that particular originating number to dial the access number, you call will automatically be connected to the destination number you have set. Use Hot Dial to call you most popular destinations and get your calls connected in just one step!
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