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Calling Pakistan with BananaCall phone cards

April 27, 2010

If you have relatives or friends who are in Pakistan, you can always use Banana Call phone cards to stay in touch with them at very convenient rates.

The dialing process, although it may seem complicated at first, is in fact rather simple once you have all the details.

But first things first: make sure you order a calling card for the specific destination that you plan to call - in this case, a Pakistan calling card. This way, you will get the lowest possible rates for placing international calls to this country.

Once you have your BananaCall card, you will need to:

1. Dial the access number. It's recommended that you use a local access number; this way you can maximize your savings. You can find a complete list of access numbers for your card here: BananaCall access numbers

2. When required, enter your PIN number. This is the identification number you were given via email after ordering your calling card. This number is unique and allows our system to recognize you and proceed with the call.

3. Next, you will be asked to enter the destination number, in international format (with Pakistan's country code included). For this, you will need to dial 011 + 92(Pakistan's code) + area code + 6-7 digits. Area code and local number must sum up to 9 digits for the phone number to be a valid one.

Here are the main area codes for Pakistan:

Bahawalpur 62 Karachi 21 Pakpattan 457
Chitral 943 Kasur 49 Quetta 81
Dera Ghazi Khan 64 Lahore 42 Rahim Yar Khan 68
Faisalabad 41 Larkana 74 Rajanpur 604
Gujranwala 55 Mardan 937 Sahiwal 40
Gujrat 53 Mirpur Khas 233 Sargodha 48
Hyderabad 22 Multan 61 Sheikhupura 56
Islamabad 51 Muzaffargarh 66 Sialkot 52
Jhang 47 Nawabshah 244 Sukkur 71
Kalat 844 Okara 44 Toba Tek Singh 46

For calling a cell number in Pakistan, you will need to dial this sequence: 011 + 92 + 3* **** ****

To make the dialing process even faster and simpler, you can also activate PINless dialing on your card. For more info on this, read this article: Advantages of PINless Dialing.

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