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South Africa South Africa 3.4¢
Israel Israel 0.4¢
Japan Japan 0.4¢
Iraq Iraq 2.9¢
Argentina Argentina 0.4¢
France France 0.4¢
Italy Italy 0.4¢
Mexico Mexico 0.4¢
Spain Spain 0.4¢
USA USA 0.4¢
10% Bonus on PIN for automatic recharge

Hot Dial - a new option for your Banana Call cards

May 12, 2010

After making available both Speed Dial and PIN-less Dialing, BananaCall now allows you to use Hot Dial as well. This is an option that is available to all BananaCall users.

But what exactly is Hot Dial?

To put it in simple words, Hot Dial allows you to associate the number you're calling from with an access number, your PIN and a destination number. Once this option is configured, it all becomes a lot simpler: when you want to call that specific destination number, all you need to do dial the access number and your call will get connected. Basically, using Hot Dial on your prepaid calling card will make the dialing process identical to dialing a regular, local number from your phone.

How does it work?

Firstly, you will need to have the Pinless option activated on your BananaCall phone card (read more about Pinless). Once you do, follow these simple steps to activate Hot Dial:

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Click the "Hot Dial" option on the left-hand menu, under "Account Management"
  3. Click the "Add New Hot Dial" button and follow the instructions on this page
  4. Register the number you are calling from for Pinless Dialing in the "Register More numbers" section

Hot Dial will only be active when you place your calls from the number you registered with Pinless Dialing. In this respect, if you want to call other destination numbers using the same calling card, you have these two options:

  1. dial another access number; the dialing process will be the usual one: you will not be asked to enter the PIN (since you have Pinless activated), but will be asked to enter the destination number in international format.
  2. dial from a different phone - you'll be asked to enter both the PIN and destination number.

Hot Dial is a perfect option to activate on your card when you're planning to call mostly to one destination. Moreover, if you dial from your cell phone, you can also store the access number in the phone book and dial it just as you'd call a normal number stored in your phone. Your call will be connected in a matter of seconds.

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