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Banana Call's phone cards offer great connectivity at the lowest rates available. Customize your unique calling card plan and enjoy the exciting new features of our international prepaid calling cards from anywhere in the US! BananaCall Features

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  • Low Worldwide Rateseven if you want to call from/to a mobile phone!
  • Customizable Planschoose the plan that best suits your needs!
  • 24/7 Customer Servicewe're always here to help you!
  • Secure Online Shoppingguaranteed by a valid SSL certification!
  • Great Connectivityeven if you call to the other side of the globe!
  • Pinless Dialingcalling internationally has never been easier!
  • Automatic Rechargeso you never run out of credit in the middle of a phone call!
  • Speed Dialsave the numbers you call most!
  • Hot DialConnect to the numbers you call most often dialing only an associated access number!

What our customers say:

" I purchased a calling card just recently and I was surprised in a good way. Someone called me immediately to confirm my order, the pin was delivered in less than 10 minute, so I could start calling right away. The service is great, the customer support line is excellent and you have the lowest phone card rates I could find. Keep it up guys!" (Mark K., Spring Valley, Nevada)

Calling Cards

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Argentina Argentina 0.4¢
Australia Australia 0.4¢
Brazil Brazil 0.4¢
Bulgaria Bulgaria 0.4¢
Canada Canada 0.4¢
Chile Chile 0.4¢
China China 0.4¢
Colombia Colombia 0.4¢
France France 0.4¢
Germany Germany 0.4¢
India India 0.4¢
Iraq Iraq 2.9¢
Israel Israel 0.4¢
Italy Italy 0.4¢
Japan Japan 0.4¢
Korea South Korea South 0.4¢
Mexico Mexico 0.4¢
Pakistan Pakistan 2.4¢
Peru Peru 0.4¢
Philippines Philippines 2.4¢
Poland Poland 0.4¢
Romania Romania 0.4¢
Russia Russia 0.4¢
South Africa South Africa 3.4¢
Spain Spain 0.4¢
Thailand Thailand 0.4¢
USA USA 0.4¢
Ukraine Ukraine 2.9¢
United Kingdom United Kingdom 0.4¢
Venezuela Venezuela 0.4¢

What are Calling Cards?

A calling card is, plain and simple, a way to lower your long distance calls costs. Here''s how this works: calling cards are a form of dial-around; this means that when you use a calling card to make a call, you are routing the call specially to get a lower rate.

Calling cards usually come with two important numbers: an access number, which is the phone number you dial before actually dialing the number you want to call, and a PIN, which you must enter to prevent others from accessing your calling cards account without your authorization.

Why use Calling Cards? Because...

  • Prepaid calling cards can be used to call from any phone! A mobile phone with no talk time can use a prepaid phone card to call anybody in the world!
  • You can now get calling cards, without leaving the house! Here's how this works: you buy a calling card online, and are assigned an account, and a PIN for identification. All this without having to leave your home/office to get the calling card!
  • Calling cards have the option of Automatic Recharge - allowing YOU to choose an amount that is recharged to your calling cards when your balance reaches a level you set. Your phone call will NEVER end in the middle of the conversation, because you NEVER run out of credit!

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