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How Does VoIP Technology Work

September 16, 2010

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and is a technology that enables voice to be translated into packets that get transmitted over an internet connection. This happens pretty much the same way e-mails are sent over the internet, split up in packages.

The difference between this technology and the classical calling procedure is that traditional phones are routed through individual switches, which means complex infrastructure is required, and this generates higher costs, which are reflected in the calling rates (long distance calls, especially).

When VoIP technology was first developed and used, people experienced noticeable lags (small delays between when they spoke and when the other person heard them), but nowadays these are practically non-existent and calls placed though VoIP are as reliable and comparable in line quality to traditional long distance calls. Except they are much cheaper.

Firstly, VoIP technology was used to place calls from PC to PC, then from PC to phone, and now it can be used to call from phone to phone, with the development of VoIP prepaid calling plans, such as BananaCall's.

The main advantage of using a calling plan based on the VoIP technology is that it features lower rates than using a traditional phone line - and there's no other device involved in the process. You place your calls from any phone, and use your PIN code (which is delivered to you upon signup with BananaCall to identify yourself with the system. And using BananaCall's special features (PINless dialing, Speed Dial, Hot Dial, etc) - the process is becoming more and more convenient!

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