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How to configure and use Speed Dial

April 14, 2010

The Speed Dial option has been made available on all Banana Call products, so that you can dial your international destinations in a much simpler and faster way. We know how it can sometimes be a pain to dial all those digits in order to get the great savings that calling cards provide. That's why we've done all in our power to optimize the process.

Generally, when you dial an international destination using a prepaid calling card, you need to dial the access number, then enter your PIN and after that you're asked to enter the destination number in international format (this includes country code and regional code, if applicable). Only after that will your call be connected.

So in order to make this entire process faster and more convenient, we developed a feature called Speed Dial, which allows you to allocate Speed Dial Shortcuts (consisting of the [*] key plus a number from 1 to 9) to the numbers you call most often, and use the shortcut in the dialing process.

Here's how this will work: after dialing the access number and entering your PIN, you'll only need to enter this string: * [number], where [number] is any digit from 1 to 9, to which you have assigned a destination number.

To configure your Speed Dial numbers (to assign a speed dial key to a certain destination number) you will need to log in to your Banana Call account, and click on the "Speed Dial" option, on the left-hand menu. Here, you'll find some instructions and a big button reading "Add New Number". Click this button, and you'll be able to enter and save a new Speed Dial entry. Just select the Speed Dial shortcut (which will be *[number], with [number] being any digit from 1 to 9), enter the Number (this must be the destination number in international format) and then the Name you want to assign to this entry, and click Save. That's all.

Using Banana Call's Speed Dial option, you can register up to 9 numbers (for speed dial shortcuts 1 to 9) which you call most often. This way, you'll be able to get your call connected a lot faster. And if you're interested in making this process even more efficient, you can also activate the PINless option. This will allow you to register up to 6 numbers from which you call most often and when dialing from any of these, you will no longer be asked to enter your 10-digit PIN number.

Combined, these two options will ensure that you can call to any international destination registered with Speed Dial by dialing only the access numbers and 2 more digits ( [*] plus Speed Dial Shortcut Key). As simple as that!

Activate Speed Dial on any Banana Call phone card, and you will be able dial in a very simple and fast way, and at the same time enjoy international calls at low rates.

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