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Making international Calls to the Philippines

July 05, 2011

BananaCall is a great means of making international calls from USA, Canada and Hawaii to practically any worldwide destination and you get very, very low rates for all of these.

In this article we'll focus on placing calls to the Philippines. The first thing you need to do, is pick your calling plan. The available BananaCall plans are listed here, but you can also make your own, if none of these fits your needs. After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail from BananaCall, with your PIN number and an access number as well. To start making your calls, you need to dial that (or another access number). When prompted, you will need to enter your PIN number, and then finally, the destination number - in international format.

To call a number in the Philippines, you will need to use this number format: - Dial 011 (US exit code) - Dial 63 (Philippines international calling code) - Dial area code (find these in the table below) - Enter the destination phone number (7 digits);

Please note that most Philippines cell numbers consist of a total of 10 digits, so for these you no longer need to enter an area code. You can recognize a mobile number very easy, since they all start with the digit 9. So to call someone up on a mobile phone, just dial 011 + 63 + mobile phone number.

Here are the Philippines area codes you need when making calls using your BananaCall plan:

Angeles 45 Dagupan 75 Naga 54
Bacolod 34 Davao 82 Olongapo 47
Baguio 74 Dumaguete 35 Roxas (Isabela) 78
Baliuag 44 General Santos 83 San Fernando (La Union) 72
Butuan 85 Guagua 45 San Pablo 93
Cabanatuan 44 Iloilo 33 San Pedro 2
Cagayan de Oro 88 Los Banos 49 Santa Cruz (Zambales) 47
Calamba (Laguna) 49 Lucena 42 Santiago 78
Calbayog 55 Malolos 44 Tacloban 53
Cebu 32 Manila 2 Toledo 32
Cotabato 64 Marawi 63 Zamboanga 62

Also, if you'd like to simplify and shorten the dialing process, we suggest you use PIN-less dialing and Speed dial - available with all of our products.

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